4 production methods of antibacterial yarn

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As the new coronavirus continues to mutate, the epidemic has turned into a long-term confrontation. Under the influence of the epidemic, people will not relax the prevention and control of the virus, and the demand for antibacterial yarn products will continue to grow. On the other hand, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, the antibacterial properties of clothing will become a key factor for people to buy or not. At present, in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan, the proportion of antibacterial demand for some categories of clothing (such as socks) is close to 80%. With the development of the epidemic and the arrival of the post-epidemic era, antibacterial yarn will continue to penetrate into our daily life, and consumers will continue to increase the demand for antibacterial products.









There are four production methods for antibacterialyarn. The first one is to use the antibacterial properties of some natural fibers and metal fibers (silver, copper, nickel-chromium alloy and other metal fiber bundles), such as flax yarn, bamboo fiber yarn, etc. Hemp yarn contains cannabidiol, which has antibacterial properties; and hemp yarn is hollow fiber and rich in oxygen, making it difficult for anaerobic bacteria to survive, similar to kapok. Linen yarn has significant antibacterial effect, the antibacterial rate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, etc. can reach more than 65%, and the antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is more than 90%. Apocynum yarn has good antibacterial properties against Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and other bacteriostatic rates of 40% to 60%.

The second is that the antibacterial additive is finished on the yarn by padding, dipping, coating or spraying. This method is not durable in antibacterial effect, and has antibacterial properties during wearing (such as washing, sun exposure, and friction). It is easy to weaken or disappear, but it is convenient, simple and easy to operate, and has a wide range of applications. It can be used for chemical fibers and natural yarns.

The third is to modify the inner or outer surface of the yarn, such as adding an antibacterial finishing agent to the chemical fiber spinning or grafting the antibacterial group to the surface of the fiber. This method has high technical requirements, complicated operation, advanced equipment, and antibacterial properties. Durability and high cost.

The fourth is physical antibacterial. There are two main directions of physical antibacterial. One is to reduce the residence time of skin aging cells in the human body, but to let bacteria and fungi die naturally, that is, to use polymer materials with positively charged molecular groups (mainly bacteria and bacteria). Sleeping fiber technology and graphene technology), through the form of contact to make the negative electricity of bacteria and fungi disappear or weaken, so as to achieve the purpose of natural death of bacteria and fungi. wax emulsion manufacturers in india ,In addition, by means of radio wave radiation, sterilization and antibacterial effect can also be achieved. The main application method is pure physical microwave antibacterial frequency band, which produces negative electron field effect with the electronic layer of textile yarn, so that bacteria cannot reproduce and produce to achieve antibacterial effect. Through the pure physical microwave antibacterial frequency band, a negative electron field effect is generated with the electronic layer of the textile yarn, so that the bacteria cannot reproduce and produce to achieve the antibacterial effect. Physical antibacterial is a new safe and reliable antibacterial method. With the characteristics of low cost, wide processing range and fast speed (6 hours), it is more and more recognized by downstream customers.

Antibacterial yarn has the functions of antibacterial sterilization, anti-mildew and deodorant, high-strength moisture absorption, breathable perspiration, skin-friendly skin care, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, removing heavy metals, eliminating formaldehyde, aromatic ammonia, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet and other functions, forming a natural green environmental protection functional product. Antibacterial yarn has a strong and rapid inhibitory effect on the growth and reproduction of various bacteria and fungi that harm the human body. The antibacterial rate is greater than 99.9%. More than 30 times without discoloration. For cotton, blended, chemical fiber, non-woven fabrics, leather and other fabrics.


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