Application of water-based wax in shoe

2021-06-06   Pageview:915

Wax emulsions are used for leather finishing with high gloss enhancement, natural light, waterproof, hand feel agent and so on.

Water-based wax field: shoe varnish, leather maintenance material (shoe oil, color change agent), leather edge oil, water-based hot melt adhesive, shoe sole paint, etc.

Water-based wax function: varnish, light, polishing, upper and sole protection (anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, anti-adhesive), feel (wax sense, slippery, astringent), waterproof, etc.

Water-based wax principle: Wax-based polish can form a semi-permanent coating on the surface of leather, providing different gloss, transparency, slipperiness and other feel to the leather. Unlike other polishes, wax polish can take advantage of the low melting point and high melt fluidity of wax to change the gloss and transparency of the coating by polishing. Applications include matting waxes, white mist waxes, and scouring waxes.

Carnauba wax, polyethylene wax, Fischer-Tropsch wax, paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, polypropylene wax have different handfeel, synergy with PU resin, acrylic resin, silicone handfeel agent, etc. to provide a variety of styles for the upper finishing industry. The upper finishing mostly adopts hard wax, which is smooth, anti-abrasive, good scratch resistance and good for leather maintenance. Water-based wax is easy to be cleaned, easy to remove and repeat varnishing, widely used in water-based shoe polish and leather maintenance.


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