Polyethylene wax can be used as matting agent

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After the construction of paint, due to the solvent evaporation, the wax in the paint precipitates and forms microscopic crystals, which float on the surface of the paint film, forming a layer of scattered light of the rough surface and play a role of matting. Polyethylene wax has good matting effect and can give the paint film good resistance to water, humidity and heat, slip and stain resistance, and has good hand feeling.

The main roles of polyethylene wax in solvent-based coating films are: matting, anti-sedimentation, thixotropy, good lubrication and processability, and metal positioning. Micronized situations are added to the coating to be able to avoid high temperatures, because polyethylene waxes dissolve in the solvent at high temperatures and precipitate out on cooling to form larger particles.

Polyethylene wax as matting agent in:

1, Nitro varnish.

2, Acid curing varnish.

3, Polyurethane varnish.

4, Polyester varnish to produce high quality flat varnish.

Anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, anti-polishing, anti-scratch, one of the factors to improve the anti-friction and anti-scratch is to reduce the coefficient of friction on the coating surface, so that when the object touches the coating surface, the tendency to slide is greater than the tendency to scratch, in this regard the role of polyethylene wax is similar to that of silicone oil, the difference is that the former is present on the coating surface in the form of fine dispersed particles.

Only a small amount is needed to achieve scratch resistance. Scratch resistance is particularly important for high-grade wood coatings and other decorative coatings.

Polyethylene wax, added to the coating can greatly reduce the tendency to be polished by abrasion, while maintaining the durability of low gloss, often in the application is very necessary. Such as in alkyd varnish, when the amount of polyethylene wax in 1.5% of the coating film anti-wear value doubled, but the amount of 3%, anti-wear value increased by 5 times.

When metal objects touch the coated products, they sometimes leave black marks on the film, and polyethylene wax added to the film can reduce this tendency or make the marks easy to erase. The role of polyethylene wax depends on a number of factors: the specification of the polyethylene wax species, the fineness of the final particles formed, the ability to migrate to the surface of the coating and the composition of the coating, the nature of the substrate to be coated, the method of application and so on. Polyethylene wax is used as an additive in solvent based coatings and inks as well as in water based coatings and inks.


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