What Are The Main Uses Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax)?

2024-04-11   Pageview:61

What are the main uses of polyethylene wax? Polyethylene wax (PE wax) has properties such as low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness, non-toxic, good thermal stability, low high-temperature volatility, good dispersion of pigments, and excellent external lubricity. It has strong internal lubrication, which can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing. It has good moisture resistance at room temperature, strong chemical resistance, and excellent electrical properties, which can improve the appearance of the finished product.

Polyethylene wax, PE wax uses:
Lubricant: Due to its excellent external lubrication and strong internal lubrication, and good compatibility with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other resins, it can be used as a lubricant in extrusion and calendering. , Lubricant in injection processing.

Color particles and fillers: can improve processing efficiency, prevent and overcome the adhesion of films, pipes, and sheets, improve the smoothness and gloss of finished products, and improve the appearance of finished products. As a concentrated dispersant for a variety of thermoplastic resins and a lubricating dispersant for fillers and degradable materials, it can improve the processing performance, surface gloss, lubricity and thermal stability of HDPE, PP and PVC.

Wires and cables: used as a lubricant for cable insulation materials, which can enhance the diffusion of fillers, increase the extrusion molding speed, increase the mold flow, and facilitate demoulding. As a rubber processing aid, it can enhance the diffusion of fillers and improve extrusion. The molding speed is increased, the mold flow rate is increased, and demoulding is convenient. It has good light resistance and chemical properties. It can be used as a carrier for pigments, improves the wear resistance of paints and inks, improves the dispersion of pigments and fillers, prevents pigments from sinking, and can be used as a flattening agent for paints and inks. As a softener and lubricant for natural or synthetic fibers, it improves abrasion resistance, tear strength, anti-wrinkle strength and sewing properties of non-iron clothing, reduces needle cuts and adjusts touch.

Papermaking: It can improve the gloss, durability, hardness and abrasion resistance of paper, increase water resistance and drug resistance, and increase the beauty of paper. It can be added to various kinds of paraffin wax to improve its excellent electrical insulator properties. It can be added to insulating oil, paraffin wax or microcrystalline paraffin wax to increase its softening temperature, viscosity and insulating properties, and can be used for cable insulation. , moisture-proof coating for capacitor and transformer windings.

In addition, polyethylene wax can also be used to make shoe polish, candles, crayons, cosmetics, dyes, hot melt adhesives, etc. Main scope of application: Can be widely used in manufacturing color granules, granulation, plastic steel, PVC pipes, hot melt adhesive, rubber, shoe polish, leather brightener, cable insulation, floor wax, plastic profiles, ink, injection molding and other products.


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