How To Use  Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) In Hot Melt Adhesive

2023-04-21   Pageview:303

How to use polyolefin wax in hot melt adhesive? Wax in hot melt adhesive is mainly to adjust the viscosity, expand the wetting surface, increase the fluidity of the colloid, and adjust the solidification speed to achieve the purpose of fast bonding and firmness. Otherwise, the viscosity of the hot melt adhesive is too high, unable or difficult to flow, If it is difficult to penetrate into the signature, it cannot be bonded firmly. Choose different resins, choose wax is also different. Low melting point stone wax microcrystalline wax, high melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax, polyolefin wax.

Polyethylene wax(PE Wax) special for hot melt adhesives:
1. Narrow molecular weight distribution, narrow melting range and stable performance.
2. High softening point, good thermal stability, good heat resistance, no fading, and no effect on the color of the resin.
3. Good whiteness, good transparency and high gloss.
4. Products with different viscosities can be customized according to customer requirements to adjust the viscosity of hot melt adhesives.
5. Excellent compatibility with EVA resin.


Tianshi Wax Reminder, the suitable varieties and addition amount of polyolefin wax depends on the powder content and equipment capacity in your company’s formula system; it can also be specially made according to your company’s product quality and technical requirements; hot melt glue it It is a polymer product that does not require solvents, does not require water, and is 100% solid and soluble. It is solid at room temperature, and when heated to a certain extent, it becomes a liquid adhesive that can flow and has a certain viscosity. , it is light brown translucent body or white after melting. Under the trend of globalization of the hot-melt adhesive industry, the demand will be more diversified, and hot-melt adhesive companies that are gradually expanding in scale will also have enough strength to do basic research, so that they can compete in the market with serious product homogeneity. Gaining an advantage, therefore, the development of technology is almost inevitable.


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