Key role of wax emulsions in ceramics

2021-04-28   Pageview:990

With the development of ceramic technology, ceramic products are widely used in various fields of daily life and industrial production. In ceramic production, binder agents play a decisive role in maintaining the strength and compressibility of the embryonic shape of ceramic products.

In ceramic injection molding, binder agent has two basic functions: first, in the injection molding stage, as a carrier, and the powder can be uniformly mixed, heated to make the powder has good fluidity, so that it can be smoothly injection molding without defects; second, the binder agent can play a role in maintaining the shape of the blank after injection molding and during degreasing.

It can be said that the selection and preparation of binder agent is the core and key of CIM technology, and every breakthrough and progress of CIM process is accompanied by the birth of a new bonding system.

Clay has the unique characteristics of adhesion, water swelling and plasticity, and is often used as a binder for ceramic products. However, due to the high content of impurities in natural clay, impurities remain in the glass phase after high-temperature sintering, which can lead to a decrease in the strength and pressure resistance of ceramic products. The ideal binder agent should be conducive to improving the loading of the powder, so that the feed has a high strength and elastic modulus at room temperature, and good flowability at the mixing and injection temperature.

With the increasing quality requirements of ceramic products, organic polymer binder agents such as water-based wax emulsions are gradually being used in ceramic production. Since the wax emulsion has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-volatile, good dispersion, uniform film laying, good lubrication, good fluidity and permeability, adhesion, no metal impurities, etc.

The application of wax emulsion in the production process of ceramics can not only improve the fluidity of powder and the release of injection parts, but also improve the denseness of injection parts and the strength of raw materials. Paraffin wax emulsion has low molecular weight, low viscosity, good wettability with powder, and no chemical reaction between each other, simple degreasing process, minimal residue after degreasing, no environmental pollution.


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