OP Wax Montan Wax for Varnish Twax-1502

Product Detail

Product Twax-1502
Appearance Light-yellow Powder
Particle size  μm
Dv50 7-9
Dv90 12
Melting point  ℃ 95-100

Characteristics and Purposes
Ø Montan wax Twax-1502 has the best transparency in all kinds of various varnish. With uniform particle size, can disperse easily, can provide matte effect, will improve the scratch resistance and smoothness of the coating surface.
Ø Be used in powder coatings,it has good wettability to pigment, can increase the color saturation, and has little influence on gloss.
Ø Can be used as diffusion powder of pigment when used in engineering plastics industry. It has excellent wetting and dispersing effect, and has better compatibility with engineering plastics.

Contents and Usage

Ø In a variety of systems, the additional amount of the micronized wax is generally between 0.5 to 3%.
Ø Usually by way of a direct high-speed stirring, it will disperse in solvent-based coatings and printing inks.
Ø It can be added by grinding machines, high-shear dispersing device, and grind mill. Must pay attention to the controlling of temperature.
Ø Can take a pre-dispersing treatment, to make wax dispersion with the concentration at 20-30%., add into the system when needed, by which can reduce the wax dispersion time.

Packaging and Storage
Ø Drum, net weight:20kg / barrel.
Ø This product is non-dangerous goods. Please store it away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.


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