Which kind of wax powder is good for UV ink

2021-06-16   Pageview:709

Why does UV ink need matting agent? Because plastic PET films, nylon films, and paper inks need a non-reflective hazy effect.

Which matting products are most commonly used for UV inks? There are two types, one is matting powder and one is wax powder. Matting wax powder other effects: slippery, anti-scratch, anti-adhesive, hydrophobic, anti-metal scratch, etc.

The main component of matting powder is silica, particle size is very small, about 3-4μm, matting ability is strong, about 90 degrees can be eliminated to 40 degrees. The principle is the matting powder surface has many small holes, and uneven small holes make the light reflection is poor, so matting.

UV ink also contains solvents, if there is no solvent, then the viscosity of UV ink will be very high. And these matting powder pores will absorb these solvents, so in UV ink such viscosity sensitive products, matting powder is easy to absorb the solvent, resulting in UV ink viscosity increases, so sticky, or lumpy, and the longer the time, the greater the viscosity, and even completely ruined the UV ink application effect.

Another category is the wax powder. Polyamide wax producers, add matting wax powder stirring will be a lot of foam, seriously affect the UV ink system. Adding defoamer will affect the recoatability of UV ink, which is one of the important indicators of UV ink. Tianshi PE/PTFE and Brazil carnauba wax mixed wax powder, added as matting wax powder stirring, no foam, and almost no oil absorption, no effect on viscosity, so there is no need to add other additives, no effect on recoatability.


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