Analysis of the role and development of environmental protection automatic coating equipment in the coating industry

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Modern coating lines can well meet production needs, whether air, humidity and temperature can meet environmental production requirements. However, the traditional coating line cannot guarantee the requirements of air, humidity and temperature. As a result, the paint film is prone to problems such as vacuum, particles and peeling, which cannot guarantee the effective control of the amount of air dust, which seriously affects the atmospheric environment. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to focus on dealing with the environmental problems of the production line, and separate the painting process, the cleaning process and the grinding process, so as to prevent the grinding dust from entering the drying furnace and the spraying room, and reduce the adverse impact of the grinding dust on the spraying production. In addition, environmental protection equipment should be used to ensure the environmental protection of the coating. In recent years, under the guidance of domestic policies, powder coatings, high-solid coatings and water-based coatings have developed rapidly, and the application of these coatings in different production lines will have relatively large differences in results.

Coating line pollution source

Pollution such as noise, waste residue, waste water and exhaust gas will occur during painting. Among them, the exhaust gas of the coating production line comes from the drying furnace, the drying room and the jet room. Pollutants generally include photochemical smog solvents, odorous paints, decomposition reaction products, and spray paint dust. Applying paints with low or no organic solvent content is the easiest way to address organic contamination.  carnauba wax application format for confectionery coating

Environmental protection coating equipment

EDRO reverse osmosis equipment

This device utilizes the principle of membrane permeation to complete media separation. This device has been well used in the domestic beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and power industries. This technology is gradually replacing the traditional ion exchange process to produce pure water. Generally speaking, the desalination rate of water after treatment by this device can reach the level of 97% to 98%, and it is very stable.

Pre-treatment ceramic conversion film equipment

The film of this device is formed by zirconium oxide, titanium oxide and aluminum oxide after a special process. The feedstock flows through the tube under pressure, where large molecules are intercepted by the membrane, while small molecules are able to pass through the membrane smoothly. This process achieves the purpose of fluid purification, concentration and separation. This membrane has the advantages of long service life, good separation performance, narrow pore size distribution, strong cleanability, large permeability, high mechanical strength, chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It has been successfully applied in other fields.

Wastewater treatment ultrafiltration equipment

This device uses membrane separation technology, which is more effective than traditional water treatment methods, and has the advantages of recovering useful substances and fully recycling wastewater. The technology is simple in operation, low in energy consumption and outstanding in efficiency. This technology is often used in the treatment of oil wastewater and heavy metal wastewater, and is an important device in the food industry, textile printing and dyeing industry and papermaking industry. Of course, due to the needs of environmental protection and high efficiency, the automotive coating industry is also applying this technology in the process of processing waste paint. The advantages of membrane filtration technology itself, such as convenient operation, simple operation, outstanding energy saving and high separation efficiency, endow the technology with great potential for wastewater treatment. Most industrial wastewater contains oil, alkali and acid and other substances, and has a relatively harsh treatment environment. Therefore, membranes for wastewater treatment must have outstanding performance to achieve long-term treatment and maintain high-efficiency treatment. In view of this requirement, the filter membrane with outstanding performance and strong anti-pollution level is the development trend of this technology and device in the future. In addition, the research on engineering supporting pretreatment, membrane fouling control, membrane fouling model and membrane fouling mechanism will also be the research direction of this technology in the future.

Water-based coating equipment

In production and construction, water-based paint is a material that uses water as a solvent, and the water-based paint device can be cleaned with water. This material generally has a high solids content and a relatively low price. The coating process and coating parameters need to meet the requirements of water-based coatings. Compared with solvent coatings, the advantages of water-based coatings are as follows: First, it saves resources and can avoid fires during construction. Secondly, the low toxicity of water-based coatings can improve the working environment and reduce pollution to the atmospheric environment. Finally, the water-based paint can be directly applied in wet and humid environments, with strong adaptability and good coating adhesion. The tools used can be directly cleaned with water, which reduces the consumption of cleaning solvents.

Today, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, the application of environmental protection coating equipment has become the direction and trend of social development. Improving the effectiveness of coating, reducing the cost of coating production, and reducing the harm caused by coating are the primary issues of the coating industry. It is precisely because of the huge development value of environmental protection coating equipment that it has received widespread attention in the coating industry.


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