What are the methods of using wax emulsion?

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Wax emulsion is a fatty acid amide wax put into xylene to produce a emulsion-like thixotropic agent due to swelling, and it is usually used in a wide range of media such as low and medium polarity. What are the characteristics of wax emulsion?  What is the method of use wax emulsions?

Characteristics of wax emulsions

1, Wax emulsion has a strong and continuous anti-sagging and anti-settling property, and does not require precise temperature control and pre-gel preparation

2, No need for precise control of temperature and prefabricated gel solution.

3, Good compatibility with various solvents and resins.

The methods of uses of wax emulsion

1, Master batch method

This method means adding 6900-20X to resin or solvent to make a high concentration of master batch in advance, and adding it using stirring and mixing method in the final stage of coating making procedure. It has the advantages of good dispersion or rationalization of engineering, and is thus used in motor vehicles, woodworking and other related fields.

2, When used as a precipitation prevention agent, the addition amount is 0.5~2.0%. When used as a sagging prevention agent, the addition amount should be 1.0~5.0% (the weight ratio of the whole formula of paint).

3, High speed dispersing machine kind of direct dispersion is more suitable. The type of shearing force applied like sand mill is generally unfavorable to polyamide wax, so it is not suitable to use this type of disperser.

4, Can be used at room temperature, but for coating systems containing more polar solvents, etc., it is necessary to disperse at a temperature lower than 50ºC.


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