Application Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) In Hot Melt Coatings

2023-04-19   Pageview:134

The application of polyvinyl wax in hot-melt coatings, the special polyvinyl wax for hot-melt pavement marking paint, mainly considers the purity of polyvinyl wax, whether it contains stone wax, and whether it is mixed with calcium powder. False, the low softening point of polyolefin wax will easily cause the hot-melt marking line to become soft, dry slowly in summer, fall off, crack, and not stain-resistant. It is recommended to use pure polyolefin with a softening point of not less than 100 degrees. wax.

This series of products are mainly used in hot-melt road marking paint, and have the following characteristics:
(1) High softening point can improve the heat resistance of the coating; low viscosity can be adjusted to improve leveling.
(2), wear-resistant, anti-scratch, anti-abrasion: Wax is distributed in the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratches, abrasions and provide abrasion resistance.
(3) Control friction coefficient: Its low friction coefficient is usually used to provide excellent slipperiness of the coating film, and at the same time, it has a special silky soft touch due to different types of waxes.
(4) Chemical resistance: Due to the stability of the wax, it can endow the coating with better water resistance, salt water spray and other properties.
(5) Prevent lamination: Avoid sticking back and lamination of coated or printed objects.
(6) Gloss control: choose the appropriate model, and the effect of matting and increasing gloss will be different according to the amount of addition, and the three-dimensional effect is good.
(7) Prevent the induration and deposition of auxiliary materials such as silica, and increase the storage stability of the paint.
Polyethylene wax for hot-melt pavement marking paint should be dry, no agglomeration, no impurities, transparent, translucent milky white to light brown granular or flaky solid.

How to use: keep stirring at 180°C~220°C for 4 hours. During this process, the polyvinyl wax should have no obvious color change, coking, agglomeration, etc.; after heating for 4 hours, the polyvinyl wax Gardner Color number <7.


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