Daily use and storage of wax emulsion

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Do you know what uses wax emulsions have in daily life? How should wax emulsion be stored in ordinary life?

The stain on the furniture, over time can not wash off, and therefore affect the beauty of the furniture, for this reason many people are troubled by this, and some even lost the desire to buy. I do not know, wax pulp in the furniture maintenance plays a very important role!

1, For the stained furniture, small damage can generally be eliminated with the stain removal wax paste polishing, if the damage is too heavy, you can use the commercially available repair furniture mixture for repair, but to the same color as the furniture paint.

2, Alcohol drops on the furniture will dissolve the wax on the surface, at this time, it is appropriate to dip your fingers in some wax water, wax paste or furniture polishing water, wipe clean at the stain. For the heavier damage, you need to use ashlar dipped in oil to polish the light, with special attention to the direction of the wood grain to rub.

3, Furniture if accidentally stained with paint drops, when not dry, you can dip a cloth with wax paste wipe off. If the old mark has dried, a better method is to use linseed oil drops on the stain mark to make the paint soft, followed by wiping off with a cloth with linseed oil, and then polish with ashlar and wax oil.

Storage precautions

1, Sealing: wax emulsion in the process of use, must be taken according to demand, if other ingredients are added in it, must be used at once; if the original liquid is not used up, must pay special attention to the inner bag again tightly, the container must be tightly sealed in time cover.

Otherwise, it will affect the further use in the future, the cover is not tight, but also easy to enter the dust, and even into the bacteria and other foreign matter, resulting in odor and mold.

2, Room temperature: 5-35℃. ac316 wax emulsion in an environment higher than 40 ℃ is easy to condense into a solid, contained in an environment below 0 ℃ is easy to freeze, both of these environments, will lead to irreparable damage.

3, Indoor: avoid local overheating caused by direct sunlight and prevent local overcooling caused by direct blowing of cold air, which will affect the stability of wax emulsion products.


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