What are the plastic additives in cable materials

2021-08-18   Pageview:390

Wire and cable plastics (referred to as cable materials) are PVC, polyolefin, fluoroplastics and other plastics (polystyrene, polyurethane, polyamide, polyimide, polyester, etc.), of which PVC, polyolefin dosage accounts for the majority.

What are the plastic additives in the cable material?

1, Plasticizer.

Plasticizer is an important matching agent in PVC plastic for wire and cable. Plasticizers can increase plasticity, high speed physical and mechanical properties, and improve process performance because it can act as a solvent between the polar groups in the molecular structure of PVC, and increase the distance between the molecules of PVC and act as a balance release.

2, Stabilizer

3, Anti-oxidant

In order to prevent the degradation and cross-linking of plastics during processing and long-term use due to the action of oxygen, anti-oxidant is often added to plastics, which is more important for heat-resistant PVC plastics.

4, Filler. The purpose of adding fillers to PVC plastics for electric wires and cables

First, to reduce the cost of the product, the role of incremental agent.

The second is to improve certain properties.

5, Lubricant.
Although the amount of lubricant is small, but it is an indispensable additive for PVC plastic. The addition of lubricant reduces the friction effect and the adhesion of plastic to the metal surface of processing equipment, and also reduces the frictional heat generation effect between resin particles during the melting process and between resin macromolecules after melting.


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