The advantage of PTFE modified polyethylene wax

2021-04-14   Pageview:1712

With high hardness, better particle shape and relatively concentrated particle size range, PTFE modified polyethylene wax is suitable for solvent-based coatings and inks. PTFE modified PE wax own friction and other effects, providing a smooth feel and better smoothness, hydrophobicity and sealing.

Micronized PTFE modified PE Wax PEW-0617F Name: Micronized PTFE modified PE Wax Model Number: PEW-0617F Chemical Composition: PTFE modified polyethylene wax

Compared with polyethylene wax
1. It is more suitable for offset printing ink, with better wear resistance and smooth hand feeling
2. The melting point is high, and the negative effect is smaller when in progress of the varnishing, and coating
3. Fluorine-containing wax has both the advantages of polyethylene wax and PTFE. The two of them have a synergistic effect, which is better for wear resistance and scratch resistance.



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