Global PTFE Micropowder Market Share and Market Share Analysis

2022-02-24   Pageview:603

Polytetrafluoroethylene micropowder is a kind of low molecular weight white micropowder resin processed by special process. powder. Because of its extremely stable molecular structure, PTFE micropowder has excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, weather resistance, temperature resistance, non-stickiness, flame retardancy and self-lubrication. It not only maintains the excellent characteristics of PTFE, but also has many unique properties, such as good dispersibility and uniform blending, which significantly improves the performance of the substrate. It can be used in inks, engineering plastics, rubber, coatings, paints and other industries.

In 2020, the global output of PTFE micropowder is 14,132 tons, of which Sanye Technology occupies the market share and is considered to be the leader in the global market. In 2020, the global PTFE micropowder market size reached USD 100 million and is expected to reach USD 100 million in 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

PTFE micropowder, also known as PTFE wax, is a white low molecular weight PTFE powder. Commercially available high-molecular-weight polytetrafluoroethylene resin for product processing has a molecular weight of several million to tens of millions, and the particle size of the resin powder is usually several hundred microns; and the molecular weight of polytetrafluoroethylene micropowder is generally 30,000- 200,000, and the average particle size is less than 30 μm. With the adjustment of economic structure and industrial upgrading, the demand for PTFE micropowder in related industries in my country is increasing day by day. In recent years, the number of processing and manufacturing enterprises of PTFE micropowder in my country has continued to increase, but relying on the advantages of technology and product quality, there is still a gap between their technology and production capacity and that of foreign giants.

In 2020, after the new crown pneumonia epidemic hit China, it spread to the world. At the same time, the Sino-US trade frictions continued, which constituted a superimposed impact on the Chinese economy. How will the epidemic affect China-US economic and trade relations and the world order? Although the general trend of the world’s transition to a new order of pluralistic coexistence has not changed because of the epidemic, and the United States has not given up its strategy of containing China and leading the world, it is an obvious fact that China’s international political environment has deteriorated. At the same time, stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment will likely be an important focus of the economy in the coming year. The basic work of China Customs recently is to improve the efficiency of customs clearance and strive to promote trade facilitation and investment liberalization. In terms of foreign investment, first, it is necessary to strengthen classified guidance and precise support to ensure the resumption of work and production of leading foreign-invested enterprises and corresponding supporting enterprises. State-owned enterprises are treated equally.

Despite issues with new entrants, investors remain optimistic about the space. In the future, Hengzhou Chengsi YH predicts that more and more companies will join the industry due to its potential market size. Therefore, the research group is optimistic about the industry. However, the research group believes that without the support of downstream buyers, the ability to deeply process products, and relatively strong marketing channels and methods, the research group does not recommend enterprises to enter this industry. In addition, today’s industrial market is increasingly competitive, requiring companies to be able to reduce costs and increase output to adapt to a rapidly evolving market. For truly thriving businesses, the ability to lead development and bring products to market faster is also critical.


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