Application of wax emulsion in thermal paper coating

2021-07-01   Pageview:618

Thermal printing paper is a kind of information paper with thermal recording effect which is made of paper as a carrier and coated with thermal heat generating coating. Its application range is becoming more and more extensive, and the performance requirements are getting higher and higher, and the structure of high quality thermal paper is more complicated.

1, The thermal layer is the key to thermal color development.
2, The top coating is to provide waterproof, oil and solvent resistant function of thermal paper.
3, The bottom layer is to improve the smoothness and thermal insulation of the paper and the backing layer is to control warping and penetration of the thermal paper.

Adding wax emulsion chemical to the top or back coat can effectively improve the hydrophobic properties of the thermal paper coating, play a lubricating role, prevent the thermal print head from being bonded by the coating, reduce excessive wear and tear, improve the wear resistance and slip of the coating, thus providing high color strength;.
It can also reduce the friction coefficient between adjacent papers, avoid the phenomenon of banding and prolong the storage period of thermal paper.


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