What is water-based coating thickener

2021-08-21   Pageview:726

Water-based coating thickener is made of natural minerals through a special process, with good thixotropy and thickening and can adjust the fluidity of the coating. Our water-based coating thickener has the advantages of high solid content, low dosage, fast thickening, dilutable, good heat resistance and chemical stability compared with the common thickeners in the market.












1, Coating additives can improve the storage stability of coatings, to avoid the settlement of color fillers in coatings, while in the spraying process, help water-based coatings atomization.
2, In the construction process, it can prevent the paint from hanging and ensure the paint has good construction performance.

Our company has always insisted on stable quality control and strict quality inspection to ensure stable and reliable product quality, which has been unanimously approved by customers at home and abroad for many years. Our company creates benefits by scale and gives the maximum benefits to customers, and our products really have outstanding performance-price ratio.


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