Function of defoamer in paint

2021-08-28   Pageview:566

Paint defoamer, its role is to eliminate the foam generated in the paint. You can add defoamer before foaming or when foam has been formed, its good dispersion characteristics will spread on the surface of the foam, penetrate into the elastic film of the foam and then rupture the foam through its low surface tension qualities.

The adhesion of the foam is reduced and it is easy to cause the surface layer to break. Surfactant added to the coating will produce a large amount of foam after stirring. After the defoamer is added, the foam will be gradually eliminated due to the absence of surfactant as the hydrophobic particles contained in it will adsorb the surfactant from the top of the foam.












Paint is available in the fields of exterior construction and interior wall covering, which has become an indispensable part of life in today’s society. In the paint painting due to the wind and sun, the local adhesion of the paint loss, the base material and paint film surface separation will appear blistering phenomenon. In this case do not panic, look through the treasure box to find the paint defoamer to add to the paint bucket, the foam will be eliminated without a trace. In the last article we talked about the classification of paint defoamer, today we continue to explore the role of paint defoamer.

Defoamer can be used with other additives such wax additives at the same time, its chemical stability will not produce adverse reactions. And paint defoamer will not affect the appearance of the paint color and change its gloss.

Coating defoamer for paint manufacturers can reduce its cost, so that its product quality is not affected by the foam, brand reputation.


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