Applications of Bareco SX-105 in Inks and Coatings

2021-12-18   Pageview:259

When used in ink as a micronized powder, it can improve the abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance of the applied material. When applied to coatings, it can provide a wrinkling effect, and when used in the micronized state it can form a streak and waterline wrinkling effect. In the addition of powder coating resin, in the extrusion process to play a lubricating effect, can reduce the screw torque, reduce energy consumption to improve production efficiency.













Additives for powder coatings containing metal powder
Among powder coatings, metal-containing powder coatings are one of the main types of decorative powder coatings. In order to make aluminum powder and other metal powders evenly dispersed in powder coatings, the coating film is smooth and bright, and satisfactory decorative effects are obtained to prevent fingerprints and scratches.

It is necessary to add a lot of additives for metal powder coatings, such as dispersants, brighteners, deprinting agents and hardeners. The role of metal powder dispersants is to improve the dispersion and arrangement of metal powders in powder coatings, effectively Promote the neat arrangement of metal powder on the surface of the coating film, give full play to the best metal flash of metal powder or the mirror effect of metal w powder, and increase the surface gloss or decorative effect of metal powder. This additive is mainly used for aluminum powder or copper powder. In powder coating systems, such as the gold and silver powder dispersant TL201 of Guangzhou Tianlong Chemical Co., Ltd., it can improve the dispersion and arrangement of gold and silver powder in powder wood coatings, which can reduce the amount of gold and silver powder and effectively increase the amount of gold and silver powder. The decoration effect is to eliminate the black spots and black wires caused by poor dispersion of gold and silver powder. The dosage is 0.2% to 1% of the total balance. It is dispersed by the melt-extrusion mixing method. Hangzhou Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Molybdenum powder dispersant ZS310 can increase the gloss, whiteness, metallic feeling and mirror effect of the metal powder powder wood coating, and can also reduce the amount of aluminum powder. The amount is 1%-1.5% of the total formula, and it can be melted and extruded. Mixing method to disperse.

Aluminum powder brightener is an auxiliary agent that forms a protective film on the surface of the powdered wood coating film, improves the clarity and gloss of the film surface, improves the scratch performance, and reduces the amount of aluminum powder. Guangzhou Tian Trading Co., Ltd.’s special high-gloss wax AW500B for powder coatings. The appearance is white beaded powder. The melting range is 90~120℃, and the volatile content is less than 0.2%. Up to “60)200%, it produces a mirror effect similar to plating or metal aluminum, which can greatly reduce the amount of ultra-fine aluminum powder.

The amount of aluminum powder is reduced from 2% to 0.6%~0.8% when no high-gloss wax is added. In powder powder coatings, the amount of aluminum powder can also be reduced, and it can be dispersed by baking-extrusion mixing method: the disadvantage is that it does not significantly increase the hardness and scratch resistance of the coating film, and it can be used in India. Hangzhou Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. The company’s brightening agent ZS302 is an improved and improved additive based on ZS301 and ZS310, which can produce a protective film on the surface of the coating film. Improve surface clarity and scratch resistance. The gloss of the coating film can reach (60*) more than 199%. It is used for powder coatings with copper powder or aluminum powder. The amount is 2% to 3% of the total formula. Disperse by extrusion mixing method.


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