Classification of leveling agents for coatings

2021-09-05   Pageview:308

1, Modified polyether siloxane leveling agent
Leveling agent can strongly reduce the surface tension of the coating to improve the wettability of the coating to the substrate and prevent the generation of shrinkage; it can reduce the surface tension difference on the wet film surface due to solvent evaporation, improve the surface flow state and make the coating level quickly.

2,  Long chain resin type leveling agent with restricted compatibility
Acrylate leveling agent is acrylate homopolymer or copolymer, which can reduce the surface tension between coating and substrate and improve wettability to a certain extent. Prevent shrinkage uaegce on the surface of the coating film to form a single molecular layer surface so that the surface tension of the coating film to homogenize, improve surface fluidity, inhibit the rate of solvent evaporation, eliminate orange peel, brush marks and other defects, so that the coating film smooth and flat.













3, high boiling point solvent as the main component of the leveling agent
High boiling point solvent leveling agent can adjust the evaporation speed of the solvent, so that the coating film in the drying process, with a more balanced evaporation speed and solubility, to prevent the solvent evaporates too fast. Viscosity is too large and hinder the flow of the coating film. The disadvantage of poor leveling. And can prevent the solvent evaporates too quickly and the world’s cool solubility caused by poor, precipitation caused by the phenomenon of shrinkage.

In general, the leveling agent in the coating and ink belongs to the drawing of the dragon’s eye. To good development of paint coating surface effect. We have to work hard in the leveling agent, whether to choose the efficient type or choose the excellent compatibility. Is the choice of anti-cratering type or choose the smooth anti-adhesive; is the choice of unstable bubble or choose the efficient type.

Polyether siloxane leveling agent can also form a layer of extremely abyssal and smooth film on the surface of the coating film, thus improving the smoothness of the surface of the coating film and anti-adhesion. It also provides gloss and has very low negative effects on the coating. how to make liquid paraffin emulsion?

For example: for solvent-based spray furniture paint, the paint is uneven when sprayed to the surface, especially in the transparent high gloss surface, and acrylate leveling agent, can first inhibit the mechanical power after spraying under the bubble and eye. And can be efficient self-leveling.


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