Overview of leveling agent for coating

2021-09-05   Pageview:290

After the construction of paint, there is a flow drying film formation process, and then gradually form a flat, smooth and uniform coating film. Whether the coating film can achieve smooth characteristics is called leveling. In the actual construction process of coating, the common coating defects are orange peel, fish eye, shrinkage, pinhole, shrinkage edge, Bernard vortex, airflow sensitivity, brush marks when brushing, roller marks when rolling, called poor leveling.











These phenomena reduce the decorative and protective functions of the coating. There are many factors affecting the leveling property of the coating, such as the volatility gradient and solubility of the solvent, surface tension of the coating, wet film thickness and surface tension gradient, rheological properties of the coating, construction process and environment. In order to improve the leveling property of the coating, it is necessary to adjust the formula and add suitable additives to make the coating have suitable surface tension and the ability to reduce the surface tension gradient.

LW-102 is a high efficiency surface waterproofing agent which suitable for the water-based systems, it can significantly reduce the surface tension of the film.


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