3 major application systems of levelling agent

2021-09-06   Pageview:397

1, Solvent-based coating system

In the formulation of primer and middle layer paint, acrylic leveling agent is usually used. If degassing and substrate wettability are needed, medium or high molecular weight acrylic leveling agent is suitable. In primer, if you need stronger substrate wettability, consider using silicone leveling agent and modified acrylic leveling agent (such as fluorine modified acrylic leveling agent and phosphate modified acrylic leveling agent) that can significantly reduce surface tension.

2, Powder coating system
The leveling process of powder coating is divided into two stages. The first stage is the melting of powder particles, and the second stage is the flowing of powder particles into a flat paint film after melting. Powder coatings do not contain solvents, so there is no surface tension gradient in the film formation process, and the leveling is more related to the substrate wetting.





3, Water-based coating system

In the top coat and transparent paint formulations, the relatively high requirements for the appearance of the paint film, generally can be used low molecular weight acrylic leveling agent, which will obtain good leveling, in the paint film is not easy to produce fog shadow. In the cross-linked curing system, acrylic leveling agents with reactive functional groups are often used to obtain better leveling properties and improve the physical and chemical properties of the paint film. Silicone leveling agents are necessary if better flow or slip and scratch resistance are required, and in this case it is best to use silicone leveling agents in combination with acrylic leveling agents.

It should be noted that silicone levelers provide leveling properties while effectively reducing the tendency of the coating to sag when applied on a vertical surface. In addition, in metal flash paint formulation, silicone leveling agent should be used carefully, because it may lead to uneven arrangement of flake aluminum pigment and uneven color of paint. Role of  synthetic paraffin mechanism.

Powder coatings often use acrylic leveling agents. If the leveling agent is in liquid form, it is usually made into a master batch before use. There are also acrylic leveling agents made into powder, specifically for powder coatings, these products are liquid acrylic leveling agents adsorbed on silica powder, some low-grade leveling agents with calcium carbonate adsorption.

If the powder coating needs to be smooth and scratch resistant, silicone leveling agent should be used, there are already made of powder specifically for powder coating silicone leveling agent. The use of silicone leveling agent should pay attention to avoid the formation of shrinkage holes.


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