What is low temperature catalyst?

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Low temperature catalyst performance index: starting ignition temperature ≤200℃, oxidation conversion efficiency ≥95%, pore density 200-400cpsi, compressive strength ≥8MPa.












KR-138s and DM AMP-80 (2-dimethylamino-2-methyl-1-propanol) are mixed with a mass of 1:1 to prepare a quaternary ammonium salt, then diluted with water to a 10% aqueous solution, and brushed on 2 The polished cold-rolled mild steel plate was dried for 15min and 16h at room temperature and exposed for 3h at 50℃ and 100% relative humidity. Compared with the rust situation, the plate dried for 15min showed mild rust, and the plate dried for 16h The plate has no rust marks, which means that the coupling reaction between the coupling agent and the steel plate can be completed after 16 hours of drying, but 15 minutes is not enough to complete the coupling reaction.
Direct addition method The method of adding the chelating titanate coupling agent directly into the water-based paint can only be used if it is proved to be effective by experiments.

How to use coordination type coupling agent
Coordination coupling agent has good water resistance. It can be dissolved in organic solvents and then coated with pigments and fillers or directly used in solvent-based coatings. It can also be coated with pigments and fillers in the water phase or directly used in water-based coatings. . Coordinating coupling agents are mostly insoluble in water. Surfactants and hydrophilic co-solvents are usually used to dissolve them in water, or they can be emulsified and dispersed in water after high-speed grinding. For use in solvent-based coatings, please refer to the use of monoalkoxy titanate coupling agents, and for use in water-based coatings, refer to the ebs wax for sale use of integrated titanate coupling agents.

Different types and varieties of titanate coupling agents often perform different functions in coatings, and can learn from each other’s strengths and achieve more satisfactory performance effects. Therefore, it is often necessary to mix and use titanate coupling agents. When using, you must be careful not to pre-mix the titanate coupling agent. Only by adding people one by one under the condition of dilution can chemical changes occur.


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