BASF Corning FoamStar ST2410AC defoamer

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Corning FoamStar ST2410AC defoamer represents a new generation of defoamers based on a new chemical structure of defoaming substances, which is a good new chemical structure of defoamers for more than 30 years.

FoamStar is an unprecedented defoamer molecule, and unlike traditional defoamers (such as mineral oil or silicone), FoamStar defoamer also has a wetting effect.













Chemical properties: Polymeric compounded mineral oil

Corning FoamStar ST2410AC defoamer has the following advantages:
1, defoamer dosage savings of 1/3-1/2, saving at least 20% defoamer costs
2, no delamination, no settling
3, very effective in acrylic coatings and benzine coatings
4, Very fast bubble breaking ability
5, effective in breaking microfoam

Recommended dosage: 0.03%~0.2% in the abrasive component of flat coatings

In semi-gloss coatings, 0.05%~0.5% is usually added to the abrasive component.

The rest of FoamStar ST2410AC defoamer can be added to the thinning component, which is equally effective in the grinding and thinning stages. mpi micronized wax are also offering.

Appearance: Beige, opaque liquid
Storage: Under normal storage conditions, the product can be stored for at least 1 year.
Density 20℃(68 °F): 0.85 ~ 0.89 g/cm
Water content : Max. 0.55%


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