Physical properties of silok7111w water-based dispersant

2021-09-28   Pageview:287

Typical physical properties:
Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
Viscosity( 25℃/cps): 10-200
Specific gravity (g/ml 25℃) :1.05
Flash point( ℃) :>100
Solid content(%): 50.00±3.00
Refractive index(/25℃): 1.4250±0.0050
This value is based on Silok’s internal test data and is for reference only













The defoamers used in solvent-based coatings have high requirements for the smoothness of the coating film surface, especially for car paints, furniture paints, and household appliances shell paints that require high decorativeness, and there should be no tiny fish eyes or pinholes. And shrinkage holes appear. It byk ptfe wax can be seen that the defoamers used in water-based coatings and solvent-based coatings should be two types of defoamers with very different properties 87.

Solvent-based polyurethane coatings absorb moisture (moisture) in the air when they are cured, react with isocyanate to generate carbon dioxide gas, and generate bubbles in the coating film C+9.101

Air can not only enter the coating system during coating manufacturing, but also enter the coating system during coating construction to generate foam. It is more difficult to eliminate the foam produced during paint construction than it is to eliminate the foam produced during paint production, because to eliminate the foam produced during construction, not only must the paint dry, but also enough time for the wet film to level, otherwise Will leave defects in the paint film. Spray application has high requirements on the performance of the defoamer, because the paint is surrounded by air after leaving the nozzle, so the defoamer must immediately destroy any microfoam formed on the substrate.


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