Coating defoamers for UV solvent based systems

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This product is developed for the coating industry and its applications. It is a compound product of organic polyether ester, mineral oil and alcohol, refined by a special process.











Performance characteristics

1, Does not produce surface defects or affect film formation, and has special effect on water-based coating system.

2, Good compatibility with coating system, so it does not lead to shrinkage and other phenomena.

3, It is self-emulsifying, easy to disperse, strong generality, good defoaming, long-lasting foam inhibition and other properties.

4, It has good heat resistance and chemical stability, and has no effect on adhesion.

Application areas

Widely used in: pu coating, UV coating, EVA coating, polyether coating, vinyl coating, rubber coating, PVC imitation stone coating, silicone sol coating, benzene propylene emulsion coating, etc.  synthetic paraffin melting point can be widely used in kinds of industrial usings.

Reference dosage

Add in the high-speed dispersion and grinding stage to suppress bubble generation, and then add part of it in the other stage to remove the bubble. The dosage in these two stages depends on the situation. The recommended dosage is 0.1-0.8%, please test the specific dosage.


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