How to maintain PVC insulated wire for household use?

2022-02-19   Pageview:547

The PVC insulated wire used at home is also easy to burn sometimes. If it is not a quality problem, it is a poor storage method.

The service life of PVC insulated wire depends on the quality of the wire and the installation environment. The PVC insulated wire is mainly insulated by the outer layer of the sheath. After a long period of time, it is corroded by corrosive gases, and the insulation performance gradually declines, gradually aging and hardening, becoming brittle or falling off. It is very dangerous to lose the insulation performance of the cable. If two PVC insulated wires touch together, or the live wire touches the ground, there will be a phenomenon of electricity running, which will increase the temperature of the local wire, generate sparks, and cause a fire. So please pay more attention.

Waxes produced by tianswax can be used as a lubricant (additive) to use in PVC-extruded cables of a group of processes in which.

Pay attention to seven points in the maintenance of PVC insulated wires:  

1. Wires are protected from moisture, heat, corrosion or bumps.

2. The wires should be carefully checked when they are used for a certain number of years, and if any faults are found, they should be replaced in time.

3. Do not overload the wires.

4. Regularly check the use of electrical appliances and circuits in the home, and carry out maintenance in a timely manner.

5. If the lines of old buildings are found to be flooded or wet, especially if the lines are in disrepair for a long time and are aging, an electrician should be called for emergency repairs immediately.

6. For lines that are easily affected by floods, ask an electrician to move the lines, and adopt elevated and moisture-proof measures.

When the power is cut off in rainy days, the power supply of the PVC insulated wire should be cut off immediately.

By grasping the above methods, you will definitely know what to do when purchasing wires, so that you can improve the safety factor of electricity consumption at the source and ensure the safety of electricity consumption.


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