Coating defoamers uses and price

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The price of choosing the right corresponding defoamer is also different.

Leveling agent coating defoamer of various classes and prices.
Desulfurization coating defoamer: $1.6-2.6/kg
Textile coating defoamer: $1.6-3.1/kg
Powder coating defoamer: $1.5-2.5/kg
Defoamer for water-based coatings: $1.8-2.8/kg
Defoamer for emulsion paint:$1.6-3.1/kg











The paint will produce foam depending on the intensity of stirring, temperature, external air entry, etc. Not only will pinholes and pinholes appear on the surface of the paint with foam-generating paint, but also peeling, poor adhesion and layer defects will appear inside.

According to the composition, coating defoamer is divided into mineral oil, polyether, silicone, polyether modified silicone, etc.. You can choose defoamer according to the defoaming requirement of the product. If you need fast defoaming speed, it is more suitable to use silicone type defoamer. For better defoaming effect, you can choose polyether defoamer. According to its performance, it can also be divided into paint defoamer with high temperature resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance.

In coating application, micronized ptfe extraction can make the product to have a very low coefficient of friction, and performs an excellent abrasion and scratch resistance. Its main role on coating is to improve the lubrication of the paint, as well as the abrasion and corrosion resistance.


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