10 uses of PE wax in HDPE pipes

2021-07-22   Pageview:610

PVC pipe profile in the production, there will be not smooth with the phenomenon of bad brightness, adding polyethylene wax (PE wax) produced PVC pipe profile can solve such a problem, because polyethylene wax itself softening point is high, high temperature conditions, polyethylene wax (PE wax) will become a liquid, viscosity, brightness is good.

PE wax as an internal lubricant has good compatibility with the polymer, it plays a role in reducing the polymer intermolecular cohesion within the polymer, thus improving the internal frictional heat generation of the plastic melt and the fluidity of the melt.

 The use of PE wax in HDPE pipe

1. Can give calendering, extrusion, injection and blow molding equipment excellent metal stripping properties.

2. Does not affect the transparency of the PVC mix, the dosage range of about one thousandth to five thousandths.

3. Maintains good viscosity even when PVC is processed at high temperatures.

4. Make PVC pipes have good stability even in the case of high temperature.

5. Improves the filler dispersion of PVC and increases the impact strength.

6. Minimize the processing energy consumption of PVC during extrusion molding.

7. Improves extrusion speed without any effect on appearance.

8. No precipitation or migration within a reasonable dosage range.

9. Better surface gloss of products.

10. Reduce the accumulation of scale.

The role of PE wax producers as an external lubricant is mainly to improve the friction between the polymer melt and the hot metal surface of the processing equipment. It is less compatible with the polymer and easily migrates outward from inside the melt, so it can form a lubricious thin layer at the interface between the plastic melt and the metal.


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