Defoamer in paint disposal

2021-09-10   Pageview:393

Defoamer in paint disposal is an agent that eliminates the foam generated in the paint. The defoamer can be added before foaming or when the foam is already formed, and its dispersive property will spread on the surface of the foam, penetrate into the elastic film of the foam and break the foam by its low surface tension.

Defoamer can be used with other additives at the same time, and its chemical stability will not produce adverse reactions. And the paint defoamer will not affect the appearance of the paint color, change its gloss.










The adhesion of the foam is reduced and it is easy to cause the surface layer to break. Surfactant added to the coating will produce a large amount of foam after stirring. After the defoamer is added, the foam will be gradually eliminated due to the absence of surfactant as the hydrophobic particles contained in it will adsorb the surfactant from the top of the foam.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, paint forms a strong solid film, a protective coating, but it often encounters the problem of foaming.

The formulation uses waterborne paints, solventborne paints, various additives such as wetting and dispersing agents, micronized ptfe dry lube that make the pigments and fillers easy to wet and disperse and stabilize, and additives that improve the storage stability of the finished paint and adjust the appearance of the paint film.

Additives, some of which perform special functions. Most of these additives are surfactants that change the surface tension of the coating, which is an internal factor that causes the coating to blister easily.

Stirring and high speed dispersion in coating manufacturing, as well as the application of spray, roller and brush shear during construction, can also increase the free energy of the coating system to varying degrees and generate foam, which is an external factor in the generation of foam.


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