Paraffin wax emulsion VS PE wax emulsion

2021-06-22   Pageview:698

The difference between polyethylene wax emulsion and paraffin wax emulsion

1. PVC pipe/profile
In the PVC industry will choose paraffin wax as a lubricant, because the softening point of paraffin wax is relatively low, but the dispersion is not good, so in the process of production paraffin wax is liquefied away, which is often said to evaporate cleanly . This will lead to the pvc pipe/profile made out of the bright effect is very poor, and the surface will have a lot of stains, poor anti-viscosity effect. So PE wax emulsions are more suitable.

2. Tree planting
Planting pine trees in the field,  paraffin wax emulsion uses within the impregnation, after the treatment of saplings in the resistance to adversity climate conditions are significantly improved. While PE  wax emulsion can not achieve this effect.

3, Performance
Polyethylene wax emulsion has good performance of scratch resistance, water resistance, anti-stick and anti-fouling, wear resistance, softness, surface lubrication, etc.
Paraffin wax emulsion has acid resistance, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, strong water solubility, stable emulsion, non-caking, long shelf life, high solid content and good dispersion.


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