The meaning of matting agent

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Coating matting agent can make the coating surface gloss significantly reduced substances called coating matting agent, the largest amount of ultra-fine synthetic silica, followed by micronized wax, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, zinc stearate dosage is small.

In addition, the addition of body pigments, increase the pigment content, add incompletely compatible resin components and mechanical methods to make the surface of the coating rough or surface embossing can also reduce the gloss of the coating film.










In addition to technical requirements, some uses require raw materials to be approved by relevant regulations, usually FDA and B/R (German Risk Assessment Regulations). This makes it difficult for new surfactants to be used in this type of application. In addition, economic factors are also an important reason. In addition to the cost of raw materials, it is also necessary to consider whether this type of surfactant is widely used in this manufacturer.

Therefore, there is a trend now, that is, the extension of the existing formula. When amide wax solubility developing a new product, it is usually to adjust the existing formula instead of starting from scratch every time. The solution of technical problems is not the only solution. The most common problem encountered in the emulsion polymerization process is the generation of coagulum. The solution can be to test other new surfactants, or add more surfactants to the existing formulation. The development trend of the formulation is to maximize the emulsion Performance and its application. Examples of applications of emulsifiers with high water resistance, re-viscosity or freeze-thaw properties, and chemically stable emulsifiers

The fact that multiple surfactants are used in the emulsion polymerization process shows that it is difficult to select the best emulsifier suitable for the monomer system, which requires a lot of experience. In order to evaluate the performance of selected surfactants, different monomer systems and different application areas must be selected. Experiments show that it is feasible to replace the products in the existing formula in many occasions, and it will not decrease.


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