Anti-stick Wax Emulsion For Water-based Coatings

2022-11-08   Pageview:284

The special anti-stick wax emulsion for water-based coatings, according to the requirements of environmental protection, in the process of coating or printing water-based coatings, the paint film needs to be always dry, plump and anti-blocking, so as not to affect the performance of the product, and Anti-blocking properties are achieved by adding a wax emulsion to the coating.

wax dispertions

The function of special anti-stick wax emulsion for water-based coatings:
1. Polyene wax emulsion can effectively improve the wear resistance of the paint film, and the paint film is very smooth, which can effectively reduce the friction coefficient of the paint film, play an anti-stick effect, and also improve the service life of the product
2. Different products of wax emulsion are used in coatings in different fields. Wax emulsion can improve the anti-sag performance of architectural coatings. It has good stability. type resin system.
3. Wax emulsions can improve the toughness of water-based coatings: when plastics are used as substrates, the requirements for the coatings used are different, and low molecular weight polyene wax emulsions are often used. When used in polyglycol copolymers, the crosslinking and affinity of thermosetting coatings are greatly improved.

TIANSHI water-based wax emulsion can be applied to the primer and topcoat of the transparent high-gloss system without affecting the transparent gloss and recoating performance. , Hardening, smoothness, and anti-blocking properties have been significantly improved.


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