Application of water-based wax emulsion in leather

2021-07-15   Pageview:871

In the leather auxiliaries, water-based wax emulsion is a very important component, it can effectively improve the feel of leather, improve the overall performance of leather. In today’s market, water-based wax additives are mostly paraffin wax emulsions or microcrystalline wax emulsions, and the quality of performance varies, resulting in the lack of brightness of the coating on the surface of leather, the feel is not good.

And byk wax emulsion is low polymerization polyethylene, when it is used in leather products, wax mo glossy, hardness, feel good, and excellent durability, can replace the expensive animal wax emulsion, widely used in leather, flooring, automotive, home, paper, prevention and other fields.

Water-based wax emulsion does not need to be heated and melted or dissolved with organic solvents when used, its film-forming uniformity, good coverage, commonality of waterproof and lubrication, and oiliness, stickiness, brittleness, toughness, fusibility and gloss, and easy to use with other water-based systems or emulsion systems compound.


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