Characteristics of matting agents for UV light curing

2021-09-19   Pageview:627

1, Easy to disperse
2, Matting
3, Excellent transparency
4, Excellent suspension properties
5, Good scratch resistance
6, Smooth handfeel









In contrast to the above, during the semi-batch emulsion polymerization of butyl acrylate, the polymerization rate increases with the increase of alkyl allyl succinate by 130. In this case, there is no significant difference in chemical stability of polybutyl acrylate emulsions prepared from alkyl allyl succinate (Elem in ol JS 2, Sanyo Chemical) and sodium lauryl sulfate.

The polymerization of diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride in water and isoparaffin liquid inversion latex was also tested, using diethylhexyl succinate and sorbitol monooleate 132 in combination. Dispo nilS MO 100 has a negative effect on the polymerization reaction rate, mainly because sorbitol monooleate can act as a free radical scavenger 133- or transfer agent.

A very special invention is the stabilizer for emulsion polymerization. This is an organic quaternary ammonium compound. It is not only a stabilizer for emulsions, but also a monomer reactant in the polymerization reaction. “S43. Its cationic part is an unsaturated alkenyl quaternary ammonium compound, amide wax out of ear and its anionic part is traditional surface active. Agent compounds, like succinate and other salts. It will become the main part of the polymer, thus self-stabilizing without the need for surfactants.

Emulsion manufacturers have to deal with different kinds of surfactants. Are there any principles when making a choice? First, the end use of the emulsion must be considered, as well as some special requirements of the end use, such as coating, paper coating, dipping, woven fabric, ordinary textile, synthetic Rubber and carpet are also thickeners.


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