The application of water-based adhesive thickener?

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Water-based binder thickener is widely used in glue, emulsion paint, water diluted paint, adhesive, sealant, water-based ink, textile, printing paint, paste, coating paint and so on various interior and exterior wall coating formulations.













Disperse TiO 2 in a benzene solution and a hexane solution of polyoctyl methacrylate, and measure the sedimentation volume of TiO 2 and its average particle size when it is completely covered and partially covered.
Table 2-5TiO: Precipitation volume ratio in polyoctyl methacrylate solution

Adsorption coverage 8
Relative molecular mass Mw
Precipitation volume ratio (ratio to pure solvent) Sv/Sv6=A/A. (A is adsorption capacity, Am is saturated adsorption capacity),
The average particle size adsorption coverage in the polyoctyl methacrylate malaysia pe wax benzene solution is very fine, showing an anti-flocculation effect and a stabilizing effect.

The specific surface area of ​​the pigment particles increases after pulverization, especially the organic pigment has a larger specific surface area. In order to achieve saturated adsorption of the pigment, the dispersant must be added in sufficient amount, otherwise it is not conducive to the stability of the dispersion. In order to obtain a good and stable dispersion effect.

The thickness of the adsorption layer
The thickness is very important. The particle size of Ti Oz dispersed in the high-molecular-weight polyoctyl methacrylate solution in Table 2-5 is smaller than that of the low-molecular-weight polyoctyl methacrylate solution, indicating the dispersion of high-molecular-weight polymers Stability is better than that of low molecular weight.


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