Application Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) In Latex Paint

2024-04-02   Pageview:30

The application of polyethylene wax in latex paint and the addition of water-based wax emulsion into the paint formulation can improve the wear resistance, scratch resistance and adhesion resistance of the paint. It can also be used as a primer and topcoat for clear high-gloss systems without affecting clear gloss and recoatability.

Interior wall paint, also called interior wall paint, is a latex paint and is mainly composed of water, pigments, emulsions, fillers and various additives. As people’s living standards improve, people’s requirements for paint have also changed. More and more low-end paints have been eliminated, and high- and mid-range paints that are beautiful and practical occupy most of the market. Interior wall coatings focus on wear resistance, water resistance, gloss, and smooth feel.

The wax emulsion used in interior wall coatings mainly functions to prevent water and moisture, improve surface smoothness and enhance wear resistance, and prevent mold and algae growth on interior walls. Wax emulsion for interior wall coatings can also be used to level and crack-proof the base surfaces of various concrete, stucco, and masonry structures; or it can be directly applied to indoor and outdoor concrete, walls, and steel structures. On the surface, it can also be used as the topcoat of anti-corrosion coating systems; as base surfaces for brick walls, cement mortar, plywood, anti-rust steel plates, etc.; as interior and exterior walls of various buildings. With the proposal and implementation of the new concept of “green chemistry”, the development and utilization of wax emulsions has attracted more and more attention.

The role of polyethylene wax emulsion in latex paint:
1. Water resistance.
2. Surface smoothness.
3. Prevent adhesion.
4. Opening hours.
5. Anti-graffiti.

TIANSHI wax emulsion LW102 is an environmentally friendly wax additive that does not contain formaldehyde, APEO, heavy metals, organic AOX, VOC, etc. LW-102 is a high-efficiency surface waterproofing agent suitable for water-based coatings, which can significantly reduce the surface tension of the coating film. During the drying process of the coating film, it can migrate to the surface of the coating to form a protective film, producing a good water splashing effect. It is an ideal surface water-repellent agent for water-based coatings, which can make the surface of the coating film have a water-repellent effect like a lotus leaf.


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