5 Applications of PE Waxes

2021-05-25   Pageview:1198

1, PE wax in polyolefin:

In polyolefins, PE wax is mainly used as an external smoothing agent to improve the release effect in injection molding. It is useful for polypropylene with fillers. The PE wax increased by 1.0%. The PE wax can significantly improve the mobility of the material in the extruder and the demoulding of the product. Meanwhile, the product shows better appearance properties on stability and more attractive colors. After measuring the viscosity, it has been proved that these effects are completely brought by the outstanding smoothness.

2, PE wax in engineering plastics:

Some plastics are very viscous after being processed at low temperature, and some have very high molecular weight, so they have very poor mobility. In the application of these plastics, PE wax is an extremely valuable processing because of its low volatility, and its internal smoothness and external smoothness in both polar and non-polar plastics, and its rated release and migration resistance. Auxiliaries.

3, PE wax in polystyrene:

In PS production, amide wax is often used as an internal smoothing agent to improve mold release. PE wax exhibits outstanding functions here and can participate in the polymerization process. Participating in 0.1-0.2% PE wax is sufficient to improve the demolding function of PS injection molding.

4, PE wax in thermosetting plastics:

Thermosetting plastics require smoothing agents and mold release agents during production and processing. These products must be accurate and common to each other. The use of compatible internal smoothing agents can improve mobility, while external smoothing agents can reduce the adhesion of materials and hot machine parts, thus improving the demolding effect. PE wax is connected with the internal smoothing agent with a strong demoulding effect, which provides a larger scale of operation.

5, PE wax in polyamide:

PE wax is used as a dispersant to make the reinforcement materials and pigments evenly distributed in the polyamide. The usual amount is 0.2-0.5%. In polyamide injection molding, the ease of demolding depends on the crystallinity and the effect of smoothing agents, because they improve the movable function and demolding function, so they are very suitable for molding, and make high-temperature injection molding and labor-saving possible.

Polyurethane has the characteristics of good adhesion, insulation, weather resistance, etc. The hardness can be changed by adjusting the content of diisocyanate and polyether polyol, and it can be applied to the packaging of various electronic and electrical equipment.

Above are 5 PE wax applications, feel free to contact our wax experts.


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