Fischer-Tropsch wax in the rubber industry

2022-01-08   Pageview:301

In the rubber industry, Fischer-Tropsch wax can be used as antioxidant and toughening agent of rubber, etc. In the process of processing, storage and use, rubber products are easily damaged by oxygen and ozone in the air, as well as by the combined effects of light, heat, radiation and mechanical force factors, which can easily cause aging phenomena such as stickiness, hardening and cracking of rubber products.

Adding a certain amount of protective wax to rubber products can effectively enhance the anti-oxidation performance of rubber, inhibit the occurrence of aging phenomena and prolong the service life.

The principle of rubber protective wax is that the rubber protective wax added to the rubber material can migrate from the inside of the rubber to the surface and “spray frost” on the surface to form an inert, dense, adhesive, non-crystalline, tough film, which reacts with ozone first, thus hindering the attack of ozone, light and heat on the rubber.

The properties of rubber protective waxes depend on the carbon number distribution and n-isomeric alkane content. The conventional rubber protective waxes are compounded from ordinary paraffin waxes and microcrystalline paraffin waxes, with a certain proportion of straight chain alkanes and branched chain alkanes each. A small amount of branched chain alkanes can reduce the regularity of paraffin waxes and destroy the dense crystalline structure, thus forming amorphous, good barrier properties and flexible amorphous films.

Fischer-Tropsch waxes are mainly n-alkanes, which need to be properly isomerized when used as raw materials for rubber protective waxes. 70℃~100℃ melting point of Fischer-Tropsch waxes can be used in some fields instead of microcrystalline waxes after proper isomerization.


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