The method of adding perfluorinated leveling agent in the coating

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Adding method
Add directly, disperse at high speed in a system with similar viscosity or add after dilution with solvent.













The initiation efficiency of an initiator refers to the ratio of the number of free radicals used to initiate monomer polymerization per unit time to the number of primary free radicals generated by fischer tropsch wax fda the decomposition of the initiator, which is often expressed as f. f is related to many factors such as the structure and concentration of the initiator and monomer, the type of solvent, the nature of the reaction medium, the viscosity of the polymerization system, and the reaction temperature. Under most conditions, f is less than 1, and the reason may be that during the polymerization process, some side reactions that compete with the initiation occur, causing a part of the initiator and primary free radicals to be consumed.

In actual production and scientific research, it is often necessary to promptly terminate the free radicals generated in the monomer to prevent polymerization. This is the task of the polymerization inhibitor. Polymerization inhibitor refers to a type of compound that can terminate all free radicals and completely stop the polymerization reaction, while retarder refers to a type of compound that can only terminate part of the free radicals or attenuate the activity of free radicals, so that the polymerization reaction rate is slowed down. . There is no essential difference between a polymerization inhibitor and a polymerization retarder. Whether a compound acts as a polymerization inhibitor or a polymerization retarder is not absolute, depending on the monomer structure or reaction system. Inhibitors and retarders are essentially combined with active free radicals to form a relatively inactive free radical, which weakens the ability of the original free radical polymerization or even completely inactivates under certain conditions, so as to achieve inhibition. The purpose of gathering or slow gathering.


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