Does wax have effect on the brightness of epoxy coating

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Wax powder was earlier used as a coating matting agent and its properties are simple to use. After coating the coating, due to the evaporation of the solvent, the wax in the coating precipitates and forms fine crystals floating on the surface of the paint film, forming a rough surface for scattering light and playing a role of lusterless.

Effect of micronized wax powder

1, Texture, matting: when the coating film is cooled, polyethylene wax particles precipitate out from the coating liquid and migrate to the surface of the coating film, producing the effect of pattern and matting; in powder coatings, different micronized waxes reduce gloss differently, and you can choose micronized wax powder according to the gloss requirement. Micro wax powder addition of about 1%, 60 gloss reduction of 5 to 15.

2, Anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, anti-polishing, anti-scoring: wax powder exists in the form of dispersed particles with the coating surface, reducing the friction coefficient of the coating, so that when the object collides with the coating surface, the tendency of sliding is greater than the tendency of scratching, reducing the tendency of being polished by friction and keeping low gloss and low durability. Addition of 0.5 ~ 1% can make the coating film dynamic friction coefficient from 0.35 to 0.25. When another object contact has been coated products, they sometimes leave a black mark on the coating film, wax powder added to the film can reduce this tendency, or make the mark easy to wipe away.

3, Effect on pigment dispersion: wax powder enhances the wetting and dispersion of pigment agglomerates, and makes the pigment coloring intensity increase. Adding 0.5~3% can increase the pigment coloring intensity by 10%~30%.

4, The impact on extrusion yield: wax powder makes the screw torque lower, adding 1% can make the extruder yield increase by 5~25%.

5, Smooth, texture: wax powder gives the coating film with excellent texture.

6, Waterproof: The coating film containing wax powder has better hydrophobicity.

7, Wetting of the bottom of the material: the precipitation of the wax powder particles from the coating film helps the gas adsorbed on the porous substrate to come out.


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