What is the best brand of NBR internal release agent?

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In the process of rubber production, the use of silicone oil release agent is likely to cause the aging and cracking of rubber, so that the life of rubber is shortened and the quality is reduced.

1. Because of its unique internal and external lubricity, NBR internal release agent is conducive to reducing the internal friction of rubber products in the process of processing, which is conducive to the release of products after vulcanization. Thus, it can reduce the quality problems such as debonding caused by the adhesion between rubber and mechanical mold.

2. Adding NBR internal release agent improves the fluidity of rubber material, which is good for rubber material to fill the mold, and can reduce the extrusion temperature of rubber material, speed up the extrusion speed of rubber material, and the products have small mouth shape expansion, stable size and smooth surface. The physical properties and processing properties of the rubber are improved.

3.NBR internal release agent improves the sliding between the interface of rubber and metal die by reducing the viscosity of rubber, and the product has good affinity with the surface of metal die, thus giving the product good mold release, reducing the appearance defects of the product and improving the product qualification rate.

4. This product is a white powder product, non-toxic, harmless, no dust pollution, in line with material safety and environmental protection requirements.

5. If you use rubber lubricating mold release agent, not only improve the production quantity, but also reduce the defective products, so improve the product value.

  NBR internal mold release agent dosage

General dosage 1% – 3%, added together with other compounding agents when mixing.

NBR internal release agent has been greatly appreciated in the rubber industry. It is applied to automobile hose production, automotive rubber parts, hydraulic devices, natural rubber, NBR, etc. Welcome to inquiry!


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