Common types of mold inhibitors – compound Anti mold agents

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Composite anti-mildew agent

Refers to the combination of two or more different mold inhibitors, such as the U.S. clotrimazole is a mixture of propionic acid, acetic acid, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, etc.. Composite anti-mildew agent antibacterial spectrum, the use of a wide range of good and small amount of anti-mildew effect, easy to use, is a common type of anti-mildew agent.
















The hydrolysis mechanism of tin-free self-polishing antifouling paint is similar to that of tin-free self-polishing antifouling paint, but it is not a simple matter to obtain an ideal controlled release system. Hundreds of patents related to Wuxi self-polishing antifouling coatings were applied for before 1996, ptfe powder msds and only a few have been commercialized, which shows the difficulty of development.

There are currently three main types of Wuxi self-polishing antifouling coatings.
(1) The hydrolysis process of self-polishing antifouling paint based on acrylic copper polymer is similar to that of organotin polymer, as shown below:
During the hydrolysis of the copper acrylate polymer, the cuprous oxide antifouling agent and the degradable organic antifouling agent are slowly released, so as to achieve a long-term antifouling effect.
(2) The hydrolysis process of marine antifouling paint based on zinc acrylate polymer is called ion exchange process. The zinc ions on the polymer chain preferentially exchange with sodium ions in seawater, resulting in hydrolysis. effect.
(3) The hydrolysis process of antifouling coating silyl acrylate polymer based on silyl acrylate polymer is similar to that of organotin polymer. The polymer was patented in 1986, and it has been continuously improved and commercialized since then. . This kind of Wuxi self-polishing antifouling paint is the one with the best antifouling performance and the highest price.


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