Characteristics of polyurethane powder coatings

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(1) The powder coating melts and flows with low melt viscosity, and the coating film has good leveling. Especially, the sealer does not react chemically before unsealing, so that the coating has enough leveling time, and it is easy to get a flat smooth coating film.

(2) Good adhesion to the coated object, generally no need to apply primer.

(3) The coating formulation range is wider than pure polyester powder, through changing the resin structure and hydroxyl value, closed polyurethane resin content, can be formulated with different performance requirements and curing speed changes in powder coatings, powder coatings with good color performance.

(4) Excellent physical and mechanical properties and chemical resistance of the coating after film formation.

(5) aromatic isocyanate curing powder coating corrosion resistance is good, suitable for indoor use; aliphatic isocyanate curing powder coating weatherability is good, suitable for outdoor high decorative use.

(6) The construction of the coating is good, mainly by electrostatic powder spraying method construction.




















1. Alcohol: The smaller the number, the better the alcohol resistance. 0 means complete, 1 means slight silver loss, 2 means slight silver loss, 3 means obvious silver loss, 4 means slightly bottomed out, and 5 means bottomed out.
2. Solid silver test: the smaller the number, the better the solid silver performance, 0 means complete, 1 means slight silver loss, 2 means effective silver loss, 3 means obvious silver loss, 4 means severe silver loss, 5 means peeling,
Such additives can improve the shedding of metallic pigments, and can also improve the alcohol wipe resistance of the coating film. Also because of the polymer structure and a certain carboxyl group, the addition of coating resins, aluminum pastes and even solvents may affect the coating. Affect the stability of the aluminum paste and cause slight flocculation of the aluminum paste, resulting in a grayish tint of the coating film. At this time, it is recommended to dilute and add before painting.

Supply and sales manufacturers: Ad he rant ADP, Ad her an tAP W [Deqian (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.], AdhesionResins (Degussa), Borch iGen (Borchers AG), Plus olit (Plu ess-Sta ufer AG), ptfe powder 1.6 micron australia Al res at(Hoe chst), Wor lee Add(Wor lee).

Substrate (substrate type, surface physical structure, chemical structure), coating formulation (base material, pigment, additives, solvent, surface tension, rheology), surface treatment degree, coating and curing conditions, adhesion promotion The application of the agent, the environment and the test and evaluation method will all affect the results of the adhesion [11]. Therefore, when encountering adhesion problems, it is necessary to confirm what is causing them, and then consult the supplier for the selection and applicability of adhesion promoters. After fully communicating various factors, the selection is the best, the most convenient, the most economical and the right choice. The adhesion promoter with the least impact on the original coating performance.


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