What is the role of high gloss wax in powder coatings

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Waxes play a role in all processes of powder coating curing. Whether it is matting or improving the performance of the coating, wax is the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, the role of different types of waxes in powder coatings is also very different.

The control of wax in the gloss of the coating
1, Matting. There are two kinds of waxes, physical and chemical, and polyolefin wax matting belongs to the former. As the wax will float to the surface of the coating film and form a mist when baking, it will have the effect of reducing the gloss. If wax powder is used alone, the amount of 1.0-3.5% (wt), not only can overcome the filler matting on the flatness of the coating surface, and can overcome the indoor and outdoor chemical matting agent, and thus the bad factors of unstable gloss.

2, In this kind of application, try to use micronized wax, because it is easy to disperse. If you use flake wax, add up to 1.5% (wt), there will be tiny depressions on the surface of the coating, and the depressions will only increase after re-extrusion. Flat products generally add the maximum amount to 3.5% (wt), such as more than this amount, the powder melt level fluidity decreased significantly. Moreover, the wetness of the powder is large, and the charge of the powder is poor.

 Product properties

1,  Excellent dispersion performance and compatibility, with very good external and internal lubrication.

2,  Good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature, moisture resistance at room temperature, chemical resistance, electrical properties, etc.

3, Improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of various surface coatings, used in powder coatings, 0.3-0.5% of the addition can increase the hardness of powder coatings, increase the scratch resistance and wear resistance of the coating film, does not affect the gloss of the coating film.

4, Low cost of use, non-toxic, with high cost performance.

5, It is suitable for internal addition.

In addition, high-gloss wax is commonly used in leather production, its brightness, natural luster, wax as a leather surface polishing treatment agent, is to adjust a variety of leather surface effect of the product, it can greatly improve the brightness of leather, wax sense, slip, especially suitable for use in leather shoes, leather goods and other leather products on the bright treatment.


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