What is the role of wax emulsion dispersion into the printing paste?

2022-02-02   Pageview:281

After the wax emulsion is dispersed into the printing paste system, during the physical drying or curing cross-linking process after the printing paste is applied, the wax particles will drift towards the surface of the paste and gradually migrate to the surface of the paste, thus playing a certain protective role and making the fabric less likely to stick to other materials, thus significantly improving the scratch resistance and anti-back tackiness of the paste surface.

Q: What is the role of wax emulsion in the textile process?
A: Wax emulsion can play the effect of brightening, toughening and improving handfeel, which is widely used in the textile industry.

Q: Why is wax emulsion used in textile yarn pulp? What is the purpose?
A: Wax emulsion products are mainly used as softeners, slip agents, sizing aids, etc. in the textile industry.

Q: Are wax emulsions used in the textile process?
A: The addition of paraffin wax microemulsions reduces the hygroscopicity of the paper and promotes the uniform distribution of gum in the paper fiber structure. Another benefit of adding emulsified waxes is that it counteracts the effects of resin binders when mixed with various pigments, so printability is improved and printing efficiency is enhanced.


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