Technical index of anti-mildew agent KP-M27 for powder coating

2021-10-23   Pageview:704

Appearance: White powder
Solubility: insoluble in water and common organic solvents
Initial melting point:>240℃
Particle size:<60μm
Water content:<0.4%












Acylphosphine oxide
Aroyl phosphine oxides and aroyl phosphonates are a class of photoinitiators with higher activity and better overall performance [171, first developed by BASF company, with a longer absorption wavelength (350 ~ 380nm), especially suitable for It is used for photocuring of pigment coloring system, laminated composite and other systems with poor light transmittance, and the photolysis product absorbs the blue shift of the wavelength, which has a photobleaching effect, so it can also be used for the curing of thicker coatings (200jm)[18] At the same time, it also shows that this type of photoinitiator is sensitive to sunlight or other short-wave visible light, and care should be taken to avoid light when preparing the formula or storing and transporting.

The more representative structures of this type of photoinitiator are as follows, micronized amide wax among which some of them have been commercialized under trade names.

Bis benzoyl phenyl phosphine oxide is a relatively new type of high-efficiency photoinitiator. The name of Ciba is Irg a cure 819. Because it has two benzoyl groups, it is also abbreviated as BA POi. It is a yellow powder with a melting point of about 130°C. A max is 405nm, the solubility in most acrylates or oligomers is not high, and the solubility in HDD A is only 9%. Taking into account B APO: generally used in conjunction with other photoinitiators, the actual dosage is often lower, generally less than 2%, such solubility is basically acceptable.

In order to improve the compatibility of BA POi, a long-chain alkyl group was introduced to the phosphorus atom of the phosphine oxide compound to obtain BAP Oz. The melting point was lowered and the compatibility with the resin system was greatly improved.


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