Application of polyurethane powder coatings

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For many years, polyurethane coatings with VESTAGON have occupied a place in the industrial sector for exterior coatings, but also as interior coatings, depending on the industrial scope and application area.

-Agricultural machinery
-Earth-moving and construction machinery parts
-Motorcycle parts
-Bicycle frames
-Telephone housings














Zinc pigments are common zinc powders, which have already been described.
Other pigments

The corrosion resistance of the glass flakes is improved by reducing the permeability of water and oxygen to the coating. Glass flake is a kind of flake glassy filler with a thickness of only 2~4pm. It is used as a filler in the formulation of epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating. There can be hundreds micronized ptfe vs pfa of glass flakes arranged in parallel in a 1mm thick section. Corrosive medium It must be bypassed and penetrated into the next layer of resin. According to the application examples in petroleum tanks or pipelines, the anti-corrosion life of tanks coated with it can reach more than 20 years. In the mid-1950s, glass flakes were developed by Owens Cor-ning Fiber. In the early 1980s, China and Japan began to pay attention to this product and technical information in the exchange of counterpart technologies. Relevant scientific research units have conducted a series of studies, and used the epoxy resin glass flake coating imported from Japan in the imported equipment of Nanjing Yangzi Ethylene and Jilu Petrochemical fertilizer.

At present, the filler glass flakes produced in China are still in the middle-scale batch production scale. , The width of the glass flakes is 6~10jm. The varieties of resin-based glass flake coatings are mainly epoxy resin glass flake coatings, epoxy resin-asphalt glass flake coatings and unsaturated polyester resin glass flake coatings. The performance of resin-based glass flake coatings is very superior. In terms of chemical resistance, the commonly used epoxy resin and unsaturated polyester resin-based flake coatings have good resistance to acid, alkali, petroleum solvents, various salts and water. Its corrosion resistance is better than FRP made of similar resins. For example, for 5% H NOs, 40% chromic acid, 50% chloroacetic acid, common resin cured products are generally not resistant to corrosion at 60~90℃, but glass is used. Flake coating is used to prevent corrosion but has very successful experience; the diffusion coefficient of water in the glass flake coating is an order of magnitude smaller than that without glass flakes; in sea water, steel piles are coated with resin-based glass flake coating for one year. The corrosion rate is 5 to 8 times lower than that of tar-coated epoxy paint.


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