Defoamer is the key to solving the problem of defoaming

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In the process of selecting a defoamer, it is first necessary to understand the foaming liquid, the detailed cause of foaming, temperature, PH value and other related information and the requirements for defoaming, in order to better choose the defoamer to solve the problem. No defoaming agent is a panacea, and each defoaming agent has only a certain scope of application.

The defoaming and anti-foaming effect of defoamers is generally proportional to the amount, but there is also a saturation point, that is, after reaching a certain concentration, adding the amount again cannot prolong the anti-foaming time. Therefore, excessive use is a waste. The proper use concentration is the key to ensure that you meet your defoaming requirements, and it is also the key to the most economical use of defoamers.










The defoaming and anti-foaming effect of defoamer is gradually weakened and disappeared over time. However, a good defoamer has a much longer foam suppression than a poor defoamer. Therefore, the evaluation of a defoamer depends not only on the initial defoaming ability, but also on the length of the foam suppression time. Long antifoaming time is the most difficult quality of a defoamer, and it is the decisive factor in the defoaming performance and price ratio. It is at this point that a good defoamer far exceeds a poor defoamer.

There is no relationship between the viscosity and concentration of the defoamer. High-concentration (solid content) defoamers may have a very low viscosity, while high-viscosity defoamers may have a very low concentration. But it is precisely the low-viscosity and high-concentration defoamer that is at a high level in the manufacturing process. Therefore, users should not judge the quality of the defoamer solely from the appearance viscosity, otherwise it is easy to draw wrong conclusions, which will affect your production.

PP wax PPW-0936 has uniform particle size and shape, high melting point, good transparency, and can be easily dispersed.

It is meaningless to compare the concentration of different types of defoamers from different manufacturers. High-concentration (solid content) defoamers may have poor anti-foaming properties, while low-concentration defoamers may have superior anti-foaming properties. The quality of a defoamer can only be judged by a comparative test of defoaming performance.


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