Solubility of homotriazine fungicide

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Hydroxyethyl hexahydrohomotriazine is soluble in deionized water and standard hard water (3mmol Ca ion/l) in any proportion, and in alcohols and propylene glycol.












Halogen can initiate free radical polymerization, but iodine with a larger atomic number can initiate monomer polymerization at high concentrations, and at very low concentrations (10-mol/L), it also has the ability to inhibit polymerization, such as low concentration of iodine. Vinyl acetate and acrylic monomers can inhibit polymerization. Inhibition process.

R·+I—-RI+I·(4-55)Ⅰ·It is not easy to initiate monomer polymerization, michelman paraffin wax emulsion but it can be terminated by combining with another free radical.

Since iodine has a low solubility and affects the polymerization inhibition effect, it is generally not used alone. In practical applications, a small amount of K1 can be added to increase the solubility and improve the efficiency of polymerization inhibition. Using the volatility of iodine, it is often used to prevent gas phase polymerization during distillation.

As mentioned earlier, phenol and amine polymerization inhibitors must dissolve oxygen in the monomer before they can inhibit polymerization. Table 4-16 lists the reaction rate constants of methyl methacrylate and styrene free radicals with oxygen, and their The polymerization inhibition constants Cz are respectively 33000 and 14600, which can be said to be the two largest inhibition constants among the polymerization inhibitors.

Molecular oxygen has two unpaired electrons, so it is often regarded as a diradical, which can play a role in inhibiting polymerization or initiating, depending on the reaction conditions. At low temperatures, oxygen plays a role in inhibiting polymerization due to the formation of relatively inactive peroxide radicals.


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